Saturday, January 29, 2011

spring tease & comic books

we had a fun day today! the weather was GORGEOUS, so we were out and about all day.

i had a baby shower to go to (so fun!), so while i was there the boys cruised the toy store. add found a clearance clone wars helmet (score!) and he has been dreaming of a black spiderman so he got one of those, too.

after the boys picked me up we went to the comic book store, and got some new reads. i have a wonder woman book, and although i am only halfway through, i must say it is a winner. addox read some of it with me, but then announced i am not as good a comic reader as his jase. well, fine. dumb boys.

i have been meaning to take some pictures of their nightly reading, i finally did tonight. addox decided to use the flashlight to read the comic. flashlights are his latest obsession.

we also spent some fun times blowing bubbles outside today. we are very much a cold-weather family, but even we are looking forward to spring!

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