Friday, January 28, 2011

happy birthday KS

today at Addox' school they celebrated KS birthday by dressing as cowboys/cowgirls. unfortunately, add's cowboy boots don't fit him anymore (insert crying fit when that was discovered). however his vest, cowboy shirt, and hat still do. well, fit enough to not show any skin, his shirt isn't big enough to stay tucked in anymore. his favorite part is the vest pockets. we went to run errands before school and he rode in the car with his hands in his pockets both ways. he thought of all sorts of things that cowboys might have put in there. when he got to school he and a friend were comparing cowboy hats to sees whose is bigger, i have a feeling they probably have all afternoon. poor pre-k teachers.

p.s. the second picture is what he thinks a mean cowboy looks like. i just wanted to kiss him.


Anonymous said...

He is just so cute! What fun to have a little one that size. They're so innocent and just a joy to be with.
Thank you for sharing!

Jess said...

Thank you! He is a bundle of energy and fun!!