Tuesday, January 11, 2011

perfect indoor play

my sil told me about amazon subscriptions... they send you household items in bulk for a discounted price, and you set it up to have deliveries every month, two months, three, you get the idea. we got our first shipment in today. 50 rolls of (double) toilet paper and 16 jumbo rolls of paper towels. i didn't know it was going to be so much fun when i signed up for it, but i am glad i did!

addox was super impressed with the large number of items, and kept exclaiming "i've never seen so much toilet paper! oh my gosh!" he also enjoyed carrying it to various parts of our home for me (try storing this much toilet paper and paper towels in an apartment!), and gleefully dropping it when he got there.

last, but not least, playing in the boxes. which he is still doing this very minute. one is especially nifty because it has a "window" in the bottom of it. he has set them up as different "rooms," and uses the paper towels as doors. i had forgotten how much i loved playing in big boxes when i was a child... it is fun watching addox do the same thing today. he has informed me he will be sleeping in them tonight. why not?


Anonymous said...

My dad always said you should give kids the boxes and forget the toys at Christmas or birthday because long after the toys are boring, kids are still playing with the boxes.
I think it's because they leave so much room for the imagination.
I remember turning a huge box into a bulldozer by popping out the ends and crawling inside it to make it roll. So much fun!
Did you let him sleep in the box? What a great mom!

Jess said...

bulldozer idea is great, we will have to try that one!! my gram had a couple huge refrigerator boxes (i think... they were huge, anyway)in her basement and all us grandkids played with them for years- as cars, buses, airplanes, drew on them, wrote our names and messages to each other... box possibilities are endless. :)