Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day(s) part 2

anyone else see his adorable freckles? i do. <3
he planted a tree.
uncle brett was teaching him how to make a good snowball. add used his knowledge to throw one at brett. HA

throwing snowball at mom in window
"hey addox, throw it at your mom!" thanks big brother
balance-the-snowball-on-your-head game
get him!
cold. very cold.

so i let addox play yesterday for 10 mins or so in the snow. it was SO cold that i was afraid to have him exposed more than that. i'm sure i was paranoid, after all he had about a million layers on and he played blocked from the wind. i stayed out long enough to take our self-portrait, the rest i took from inside. the good uncle he is, brett came over especially to take addox outside!

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