Saturday, January 08, 2011

addox "4" birthday

it was awesome. all the kids had a blast playing, and the pinata was a huge hit!! spiderman's face is pretty jacked up! add is asking me right now if he can have his friends come over again and bash it some more, haha!! a friend pointed out that all they had to do was pull the strings until it all fell out... but addox was already amped up to hit the you-know-what out of it, so they went ahead and destroyed spiderman before they pulled the strings.

i think add was a bit intimidated at first of all the people being here, but he has always been like that. he got used to it pretty quick, and made sure everyone had a mask if they didn't come with a costume already! we had mermaids (princesses?), robin, some several batmans, dark vader, robot girl, wonderwoman, and a spiderman.

uncle aaron came as batman.... it was an awesome costume. it is the first year that uncle aaron, aunt veevee, and adilaide have been able to come to add's birthday, he has been so excited about that! i think he was freaked by the mask a bit, but he says he really liked opening the door to batman. he wants to tell his friends at his school about him, haha!! it was also batman's job to hold the pinata. he had the best padding for it in case the kids missed with the bat! we had some hard hitters. ;)

addox is so lucky to have so many people that love him, we are thankful everyday for that!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Stow those memories deep so you never lose them. They're precious. I wish I could relive our kids bd parties again.
Great pictures. Did Lisa and Wayne come? (Were they behind masks? I didn't recognize them.)
Tell Add happy birthday from the Shays!

Jess said...

Yes, they did!! i have an especially good picture of wayne with a nerf bullet stuck to his forehead. :) he gave addox the biggest nerf gun i think you can buy!! he knows add too well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet. I'd love to see the picture if you could send it to me.
I'm glad he had such a special birthday.