Thursday, November 10, 2011

be thankful on paper

i came across this today, what a great idea!

if you don't want to bother clicking/researching, it suggests you write a note to someone each week saying how much they mean to you in the month of November.
i think it is a great reminder of what we should be doing ALL the time. 
life gets so busy, and i know i think about loved ones a lot but do they know that?
we should tell people we love then all the time, tell them why we are thankful for them.

not too long ago i got a letter from a sweet friend and it meant more than words can say.
ironically i've sent a couple friends notes the past couple weeks telling them i am thinking about them and praying for them.
there is just something special about being surprised by a thoughtful letter that can't be replaced.
and, if you send one to someone, it might encourage them to do the same to someone else.

would be a fabulous trend to start.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea. I read about this on Hannah's page. I didn't link up but I am participating! :0) I love writing notes. :0)