Monday, November 07, 2011

confession time

i haven't been reading my bible the way i should be.
if i "have time" i will, which is inexcusable.
i will never have "time".
i was doing fabulous up until the summer with siesta verses (beth moore- look it up).
then we went to colorado to get married, then summer, then.... you get the idea.
i read a beth study when addox is in swim club, but more often than not i wander over to watch him instead.

i read a blog not too long ago (don't remember where, sorry!) that pointed out when we have a date with a friend and something pops up, we reschedule.
so when that (inevitably) happens with His time why do we just say "oh, another day."
i think about it all the time, there seriously is no excuse.
and i feel so much better when i do, that is what makes it so ridiculous!
it isn't a chore to me, i enjoy it, yet i'm always drawn away from it for something else i "need" to do.
not cool.

what i need to do is learn more about Him.
what i need to do is SHOW addox that mommy reads hers everyday just like we read his.
because in eternity i sure won't care whether or not my dishes got done 70 years ago but i will care whether i'm in heaven or hell.

i'm going to use this time change for good, i'm already waking up to an internal clock earlier anyway.
why not use that time to read?

keep me accountable, please?? 

psalm 119-11

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.


Anonymous said...

AMEN sista! I was faithfully reading my bible for months and then recently I got a job and BAM!! Life took over and I haven't been making my Bible/prayer time a priority.

hannah singer said...

yes! awesome post. i always need to plan the time. what they say is true, if you aim at nothing, you're sure to hit it. i'm aiming for the word!

xo press on!