Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving

i don't feel i did my original photo a day for thankfulness... some things there just isn't a picture for, you know?
there is so much i am thankful for everyday.

a few things i did not mention...

ability to be a SAHM-- this is my job, calling, whatever you want to call it.
so thankful that we are able to do this for our family.

grace & forgiveness.

supplement income from home-- my website work i do while addox is school, helps pay those bills.
fresh food... our abundance of food... some days i catch myself getting irritated when something falls out of the refrigerator. 
seriously? some don't even have any. SHAME on me.

a solid marriage

a loving, honest, and faithful husband.
and he makes me laugh.
and is sometimes too cute for his own good.

my past that makes me truly & completely thankful for this marriage.

roof over our heads

addox running through the house, loud as can be. 
i know this will end far too soon... i will never be ready for that.

addox still holds my hand wherever we go, even in the house.
can we please freeze time?

the peaceful noises as i'm laying in bed, jason & addox asleep.

great teachers for addox

jason's stable business (as stable as any can be...)

our family of 3 with good health

being add's "best friend."

a country where i can believe, verbalize, and live any way i want to.

life experiences that have taught me how blessed we are, and those same experiences teaching me to love on & pray like crazy for others.
even those we don't know.
especially those we don't know.

a loving family
genuine friends

the sound of addox giggling.

a nice car to drive. a car period to drive.

movie dates.

couch cuddling.

creating/inspiring/crafting-- a huge part of who i am, i love continually learning and growing.
i've learned so much about myself through this. 


knowing that God watches out for addox far more than i know, in every way possible.

all of addox' fabulous role models.

our little peaceful mountain house.

with creamer.

strawberry pop in ball jars w/ white & red striped straws.
it makes me happy.


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