Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful for the simple things

i adore dough.
it is my favorite smell, and the kneading is therapeutic.
i would love to have lived in "the old days."
kneading dough, churning butter...
but since i don't i will just pretend!

jason brought up very pointedly the other night that i hadn't made home-made pizza in awhile, it is one of our favorites.
i made it a lot for awhile & then kind of just forgot about it.
i love making it, and it is so simple & yummy.

my gram's flour bin. her bins are my favorite things in my kitchen, she used them a ton & so do i.

cheese for the twerp.
pepperoni & 3 peppers for the adults.
.... pizza night is back!

p.s. i snuck in half wheat flour & addox still ate it. 

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