Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sick sillyness

we are past the i-want-to-cuddle-all-the-time stage (my fave),
 and now on the feeling-better-and-hyper-yet-still-sick stage. 
we ran out of quiet activities a long time ago, and i feel like i am constantly telling him to chill out.
so when he asked to take pics i obliged.
nova "sat" up in the chair and addox thought it was hilarious.

classic addox

tired little eyes :(

no lack of character here.


Amy Heller said...

Hi Jess, I saw your comment on the OA blog. They won't answer b/c they don't want to give preferential treatment to any particular retailers. However, I can tell you that 2 Peas has just about everything right now. You can also see about here http://www.stopandscrap.com/october-afternoon.aspx

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Moms, hide your daughters!! We've got a lady killer right here!! HA! He is so handsome. And he knows how to work the camera! Hope he feels much better soon!!!