Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful today

today i am thankful that i am able to stay home with a sick addox.
he has pink eye (left eye-- not to be confused with his black right eye), and start of ear infections.
so we shall take the week off from school & swim lessons!
i don't like my baby to be sick, but i love the extra time with him.

i'm thankful that we had a kind doctor today.
thankful that we had a car to get there.
money to pay.
a cozy house and christmas music.

 and thankful that we have a beagle nurse in case he drops the marshmallows, used to bribe him with, following the eye drops.
who is now cuddled up with him on the blanket watching "bolt."
yes i bribe.

happy monday. 
cuddle with your babies.


Anonymous said...

Aww Poor baby!!:-( hope he gets better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Jess- This is Jen from OA...try doing a search on the internet for October Afternoon. Right now we don't have a retail database...but we're working on it.