Saturday, November 12, 2011

today i am thankful for antiques & good girl time

marion, ks,  has several great antique shops, & today a SIL & i made the trip.
well worth the 3 hours (round trip) traveling!
goes fast when you're gabbing.
which we were.

i will do a full post later of all the "finds," but right now hubs wants me to give full attention to the "lord of the rings" marathon he we set up.

here are some quick photos of a few favorites!


meet our new "laundry hamper!"

big doll suitcase: $4, scale: $10

don't you just love the pretty blue lid?!

p.s. i also did a lot of christmas shopping today. 
you lucky people.

p.p.s. but the above is all mine. 
sorry 'bout that.



Anonymous said...

Only you could love a can that says Lard on the side! are definitely a vintage junkie!

Jess said...

isn't that the truth! but it is sooooo glorious.... i wonder how long it sat in that shop before i got it? lol!