Thursday, December 16, 2010

once upon a snow- december 13th & 14th

skipped a few days, they were full of homework & finals. will include in my dd, but no need on here to bore you. :)

the 13th i i journaled on our panda express sack (my 1st time there!). the 14th i did on the back of wrapping paper we made. it is these things that make the scrapbook dd so different and cool. i slipped our fortunes inside the sack. loving this project!

13th was a tame day, add did some finger-painting... with a brush. haha. he isn't so sure about the paint on fingers that day for some reason.

add & i made potato-print wrapping paper on the 14th, we used paper bags from dillons (free! hooray!). it was fun & easy, it is so much for fun to make our own.

jason and i also shopped for addox' christmas, he is so easy to please, he loves everything!! :) topped it off with dinner and it was a fun time

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