Saturday, December 18, 2010

once upon a snow- december 18th

this is addox' tree, it used to be mine when i was a kid. we always set up little trees in our rooms, with our own little (or big) ornaments. add set his up with gramma helping this year in his room, i see it quite fitting since she is no doubt the first person who helped me. i loved coming home to it all lit up and decorated!! he is using my cello ornament as a guitar. haha!! this year has been such a fun one because addox is old enough to start all these traditions, this having a kid thing is awesome.
it also makes a
wonderful night-light!! :)


lindad said...

I mailed him an ornament today with his name on it. I thought he might get a kick out of getting some mail.

Jess said...

haha, he will for sure! he doesn't get mail much, so he will be thrilled!! :)