Saturday, December 25, 2010

once upon a snow- december 24th- CHRISTMAS!

christmas! christmas!

that was me this morning. the sleepy guy tr
ying to focus being held by jason is the one who had to be WOKE up!! he tried far too hard to stay awake the night before waiting for santa. :))

once up, he loved every minute, he was so appreciative. he loved to give his presents, too. i was very thrilled with the knife set he gave me which was his idea (he picked the biggest set they had!), he remembered that i needed some. i now have 22 knives/scissors. probably don't know what 19 of them are for, i have used them all day to bake & cook though! he also gave me a lecture on how sharp they are (see pic). good boy.

i think his favorite was his leapster explorer (can you tell?! haha). it is pretty cool. educational and fun- santa did well. ;) santa also gave the boys a playstation move, jason taught addox how to use it and he caught on pretty quick! we had a very relaxing christmas, and then a fun night!

we went to dinner/had christmas with jason
's parents. we've had some pretty wonderful people come into our lives the past couple years, we are so thankful. add slept with his boxing gloves they gave him, and probably would have with the camera he received too if i would let him!! too funny!! a real light-up, light-saber also made his night!

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