Thursday, December 23, 2010

once upon a snow- december 23

'twas the night before christmas...

this is our christmas eve!! add is super-excited, he has put out his treats for santa & his reindeer. he decided every reindeer needed their own bag of fruit snacks- let's hope we counted correctly! we have put our advent ornament on, read our advent book, and read "night before christmas." he read christmas books until he fell asleep... the pillow is from his great gram, she made him a pillow for different holidays. i love that he will always have that from her. :)

we also had a fun day with aaron, valori, and adilaide. we LOVE that they are here for the holidays!!! add has so much fun with his uncle aaron (he is such a boy's boy!), having both uncles in the same place is ideal for him. watching them throw him back and forth today was awesome, we are blessed to have such amazing family.

so i think we are set!!! i think i am just as excited as addox, doubt i will sleep much tonight!!!!!!!!


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