Wednesday, December 08, 2010

thankful jar

i know this is out of order (kind of like my scrapbooking!), but i have been meaning to do this post.

in november we started doing our thankful jar, everyday or every other day (whenever addox wanted to) he wrote things he was thankful for on some fabric leaves and then we would put them in the jar. i was impressed with some of the things he came up with, and the random ones cracked me up. :) he still had been asking to do it, so we have continued to list things we are thankful for even if we don't write them down. i may eventually et around to making the leaves into a thankful book. we shall see... :) i look forward to it as a new fun tradition.

here's some he listed:

that God made addox
our couch
our home
my bikes
addox & mommy's b-day cakes
nova's houses
aunt kim
our remote
that God gave us our furniture on porch
my jase
my toys
for God giving us food to eat
our house
for God making my daddy
grammie & grandad
my cups
my cars


Anonymous said...

I love that idea! Keep it going as long as you can. He'll get "too big" for it way too soon. Thankfulness is a wonderful quality.

Jess said...

Thanks, Susan! I hope is always as caring and thankful as he is now. :)