Thursday, December 16, 2010

once upon a snow- december 15th

we made a felt-board nativity yesterday, i stole the people off of another blog (aren't they darling?!), printed them out on cardstock, & used sandpaper to make it stick to a felt-board i made out of thick cardboard i had around the house. excuse the bottom of board, i will hot-glue that whenever i find my gun that has disappeared. whole project was under $5. addox loves it, & i can't wait to use the felt-board even after Christmas.

add was being a goof in the morning, we surprised him with those car Christmas jammies the night before. the picture of he and jason sharing a cookie is actually from the night before, too. silly boys and their cookies.

we got a very sweet new Christmas card/ornament in the mail! aunt jj is ready to cuddle that baby!

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